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General Information

Action plan for optimal results

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  1. Those products must be used as part of a unique program. Four to Five applications will be needed throughout the growing season.
  2. The solution must be applied with a spray gun using a stainless steel ”tee-jet” nozzle and applied evenly over the entire lawn. The pump pressure should be set between 60 and 80 psi. We recommend running a mixer in the tank during application.
  3. Application rate of the diluted mixture should be 6 liters per 100 m2.
  4. Apply appropriate culture methods (mowing, aerating, sprinkling...)

Application timing

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Apply the first treatment as soon as the lawn starts growing. For best results, apply the second treatment 15 to 25 days after the first one. The following treatments should follow at 30-day maximum intervals. When the temperature is high and the lawn is dormant, do not spray. Do not use NF 18-0-5 or NP 10-0-2 if the temperature exceeds 30°C for more than 4 days.

Post treatment instructions

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We recommend watering the lawn 6 to 24 hours after the application, because the chlorine contained in municipal water could affect the results (if watered immediately after the treatment). Light rain will not affect the results during application. In case of heavy rain, avoid applying the treatment. It is safe to walk on the lawn right after the application. For best results, wait 2-3 days before mowing your lawn.


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Nature’s products are sold in 20-liter cans, 500 or 1,040-liter containers, or in bulk. You must be able to stir the product regularly. You will need an abrasive resistant pump to manipulate the product. You will need a two-inch pipe for bulk delivery. Please contact bje Distri-Organic to confirm all necessary accessories. Store the product indoor, at moderate temperature. Our products do not deposit; therefore, no crust will form.

Mixing in the truck

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Once the product is diluted, it is important to empty your solution load within two days. We recommend agitation in the tank. Clean the truck pump filter once a day. Although the product cleans easily, it is important to do it everyday.


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Avoid spraying flowers and shrubs. Perennial and annual flowers may be severely damaged by this product. We recommend using fresh water to wash all tools and accessories that come into contact with the solution (wood, stucco, brick, glass, etc.). The iron in the NP 10-0-2 can stain severely, be careful.

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